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Netflix promoted its new Charlize Theron movie with a girls-only esports tourney (urscrubb.substack.com)
3 points by edavison1 35 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

> In many ways it functioned as a testing ground for some underused concepts that could substantially improve the health of the Apex scene.

> The possiblilty of bringing corporate sponsorship to broader competitive Apex is interesting on its own. As bigger games like League of Legends get in-game ad banners, I’ve been wondering about the giant banners that cover Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. This is fruitful virtual space for advertisers to use, as ESPN’s Arda Öcal pointed out on Twitter the other day, making the comparison to hockey’s use of board space for ads. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see both more sponsored tournaments in the future, as well as creative use of in-game space to promote products.

Is this what 'health' means? Ads, product promotion, commercialization?

Good question. Competitive Apex has struggled to maintain a stable roster of pros who can make a living from it, so for now, financial health and its associated evils (I guess in your view, product promotion, commercialization) are important. As a viewer, I believe that pro players should make a living wage, and I'm willing to tolerate ads or sponsored content to make that happen.

But you're right in a sense--scenes like Smash have thrived without money, but the pros in it aren't fairly compensated for their incredible skill and dedication.

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