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Ask HN: Selling products/startups?
4 points by ratsimihah 35 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
If you've tried to build a product or startup and failed to take it where you wanted or don't want to work on it anymore, someone else with the skills and knowledge to make it take off might be interested in buying all the work you've already put in.

Please fill the info below when appropriate and add anything you might deem relevant

* product name

* product description

* market research/validation

* number of users

* business model

* product implementation stage

* tech stack

* costs of running

* domain name(s) owned

* available platforms

* patent(s)

* next steps

* minimum offer

* product name: beat.yoga

* product description: yoga music recommendations (no playlist)

* market research/validation: people think the app look good but and it seems like yoga teachers could use it because making good playlists takes a lot of time, but the idea hasn't taken off

* number of users: a few downloads but no regular users

* business model: none

* product implementation stage: working app launched

* tech stack: React-Native/Django

* cost of running: 7$ for Django worker, requires an Apple Developer account

* domain name(s) owned: beat.yoga

* available platforms: iOS (https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/beat-yoga/id1505203964)

* patent(s): none

* next steps: reach out to yoga teachers and yogi who self practice to try to the app. business model could be subscription based

* minimum offer: $5000

* product name: boomroom

* product description: music with friends - everyone can tune in to boomroom and add songs to the shared queue

* market research/validation: tried it with coworkers and they found it fun - someone's kids ended up taking over the queue and adding tons of fun. No regular use besides that

* number of users: a few users came by but no returning or regular users

* business model: none

* product implementation stage: launched v1

* tech stack: React, WebSocket, Django

* cost of running: $7 for heroku worker + pay as you go for now.sh front-end hosting

* domain name(s) owned: boomroom.co

* available platforms: web (boomroom.co)

* patent(s): none

* next steps: add multiple rooms, try to get events to use it. business model could be ads

* minimum offer: $2500

Do they have to be failed?

Good point, they don't! I've updated the post

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