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Some harsh realities of being an entrepreneur (jasonlbaptiste.com)
49 points by RiderOfGiraffes on Mar 28, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

This post originally appeared at OnStartups, where all my writing appears exclusively.

You know you're old when: you still remember when the term "exclusive" actually meant something.

Edit: on closer inspection, this version is actually truncated, so he sort-of has a point.

Indeed - sorry - didn't think to do that. Mea Culpa

OT: Jason, the top navigation panel's CSS on your blog seems messed up (in both Firefox and Chrome) : http://skitch.com/hrishimittal/rabki/jlb

It's nothing major, but people might start doubting the publication revolution you're bringing on :-P

His custom fonts are not loading... potential typekit fail.

He forgot one:

Even if you work hard, have lots of promising ideas, and are very persistent, the odds are still against you (at least in terms having a big payoff that frees you from ever having to work again). But you will probably make a living for yourself and have lots of interesting experiences, and that's worth something.

This is a tangent, but the giant fixed black header on that site is awful. It covers the text, and the giant navigation links extend beyond the header even, distracting even more from the content.

What bothers me most about it is that it consists of navigation links and a search box-- elements that are meant to take me away from what I'm currently trying to read. If you're going to go the effort of writing things you want me to read, why would you then shove something in my face that distracts me and tries to pull me away from it.


If you can't handle the harsh realities than you are not ready to be an entrepreneur. It's the ability of an entrepreneur to not quit when things are down, to inspire others that are ready to give up, and to continue to lead through times of failure and success.

I'd find the article more pleasant to read if your "continue reading" link jumped to the same part of the article on the other site. It's annoying having to scroll around looking for the place to start reading

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