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EU Court: YouTube Not Required to Share Email and IP-Addresses of Movie Pirates (torrentfreak.com)
36 points by aspenmayer 36 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

For the purposes of this law, the word “address” only refers to physical location and/or it’s corresponding mailing addresses. Not at all how I thought this would play out. The ruling is linked below.


> Interestingly the EU Court says that obtaining additional information on users isn’t completely ruled out but such decisions are to be made by EU Member States after balancing various fundamental rights, including acting proportionately.

> “The Court nevertheless stated that the Member States have the option to grant holders of intellectual property rights the right to receive fuller information, provided, however, that a fair balance is struck between the various fundamental rights involved and compliance with the other general principles of EU law, such as the principle of proportionality,” the Court adds

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