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on Mar 28, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite

From the page style:

    textarea {
       font-family: monaco, courier, monospace;
       width: 500px;
Web designing mistake, wrong choice of units. Depending on user's choice of font width, text will wrap inside the text area and not produce the expected result. 'width: 40em' would be a lot more sensible and produce the expected results.

This needs to be at the top of Hacker News.

Thank you for providing me with this internet-essential service. You are a true hero, tpope.

agreed. Hilarious and brilliant!

I hope this makes it into CSS3. Is it too late?

Quick, somebody do text-align: weft and text-align: wight!

this is about 100 times more useful than colour.com

4.1 billion usd please!

Gah! Again IE 7 Fail! That's it I'm quiting this job and going somewhere where they don't care which browswer I use!

It's cute, but why do people buy domains for things like this?

Appeal. textaligncentaur.com is more likely to get clicks from Hacker News or Reddit than camerondaigle.com.

If you mean why spend the money... I'd say $10 is worth it for the number of people that will probably click through to his own site.

If your karma is under 100, you should be unable to post links. This is just further evidence.

Pretentious, much? If you don't like it, flag it and move on.

And what if that fails to fix the problem?

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