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The Bourne collection: the history of online search (computerhistory.org)
44 points by dalke 35 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Going by my recent experience with mainstream search engines (read: I don't find shit anymore), I think the history of online search isn't closed yet. So far I've come to the conclusion that the problem isn't one of neglect by the likes of Google Search, DuckDuckGo, StartPage, etc. Rather, search engines do their job just fine, there just seems to be no good new content out there to search, and that has everything to do with the incentives that Google Search sets (and perhaps slow retirement and/or disillusionment of the web enthusiast generation). It'll be interesting to watch GOOG being torn between squeezing the last femto-penny out of each and every visitor contact on the web and elsewhere for growth, and at the same time seeing their cash cow fade as content creators can't make a living on DoubleClick and YouTube pittances.

I first came across Bourne because of his book "Methods of Information Handling". Its masterful summary of the available methods well deserved the American Documentation Institute Book-of-the-Year award.

It's available from archive.org via a 1 hour loan: https://archive.org/details/methodsofinforma0000unse .

I recently stumbled over this list of old defunct Search Engines...


It's sad that there's no real competition in online search anymore.


Is this the bash dude?

You mean the Bourne shell dude, and no, that is Stephen Bourne (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_R._Bourne).

bash and the Bourne shell aren't the same thing. More or less, this is the history:

* in 1979, sh (Bourne SHell), created by Stephen Bourne, is released as part of AT&T Unix

* in 1983, ksh (Korn SHell), created by David Korn, an enhanced version of sh, is released by AT&T

* in 1989, bash (Bourne Again SHell), created by Brian Fox, is an open-source alternative released by the GNU project

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