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Show HN: radiationinfo.org - Understanding the severity of radiation exposure.
8 points by nathanhammond on March 28, 2011 | hide | past | favorite

As the media continues to cover the situation in Japan there has been an incredible amount of confusion over the severity of the radiation numbers presented. It only gets worse as you come across all the different units for radiation exposure (which are even mixed with the same article). Add in a lack of references to source material and even errors in distinguishing between micro- and milli- units, it's often hard to tell what is really going on.

The goal of Radiation Info is simply to help provide consistency and understanding by putting all of this information in context. This can be done by linking directly to the site, using the bookmarklet, or having the site owner embed the JavaScript themselves.

Technical notes:

1. Written entirely in client-side code. It isn't always beautiful but it works.

2. Entirely open source: https://github.com/wrenchlabs/radiationinfo - Bugs? File an issue and/or send a pull request!

3. The source data is parsed out of a Google Spreadsheet (http://bit.ly/radinfodata) which makes it incredibly simple to update and/or augment.

4. Looks nice on your mobile device too.

Check it out! Please let me know what you think!

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