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Build Your Own Adblocker in (Literally) 10 Minutes (medium.com/yakko.majuri)
1 point by yakkomajuri 3 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

YC removes queries from URLs so my "Friend Link" was removed. With the link you can read the full article even if you maxed out your monthly article quota. Here it is: https://medium.com/@yakko.majuri/building-your-own-adblocker...

I love it that they’re so worried about privacy they build an extension, but still use Brave, which is a real world example of a MitB, which is also aiming to become the new ads broker to put google out of business.

Actually, I switch around between Brave, Opera, Firefox, and Tor. I like to try various things. But I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. I did see that Brave was adding affiliate links to Binance for example, but what else concerns you about it?

Mostly ethical. If you care about privacy and not just a software junkie looking for the next shiny new thing, you should care about who is behind its development. Mozilla is not the same thing as another X company building Y browser. Specifically though, they have a conflict interest. A good starting point to understand their position in the market:

Brave browser (Stage 1) is a Trojan Horse for their actual business which is a blockchain-based advertising platform (Stage 2).


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