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(I work at OpenAI.)

I am finishing up our fine-tuning API this weekend :).

If anyone on HN would like to try out the fine-tuning API (or want to build something on top of the base API), send me an email (gdb@openai.com) with your use-case and I can try to accelerate you in our invite queue.

PS: We're hiring — if you enjoy building APIs with Python/Go/Kubernetes/Kafka or building front-end interfaces in React, then please get in touch — gdb@openai.com.

Are there any products in the pipeline that you're planning to ship? Asking for prospective candidates.

There's just about infinite surface area with the API — we're trying to build a dead-simple API that developers can plug into any product in order to add intelligence features that would be otherwise impossible.

This requires a lot of traditional software work — API design, writing and maintaining a growing amount of business logic, providing great tools and interfaces to help our users work with the API, excellent documentation and tutorials, scaling and operating backend systems, etc — and machine learning systems work — building serving infrastructure for a great variety of giant neural networks while making the most efficient use of our hardware, allowing our users to interact with these neural networks in increasingly sophisticated ways, etc.

While we're just getting started and have a small team, we are already supporting customers across a wide variety of industries (see https://beta.openai.com/ for a sample) and serving millions of requests per day. We are busy trying to invite folks off a very long waitlist while building out the API to support everyone.

Would love more help :).

Emailed. I think I have an interesting perspective as a pro-hackathonner who regularly uses new technologies to build compelling demos. Haven’t heard back yet from my initial beta application, hope to be able to try it out and explore its potential.

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