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The author starts with

The data science world may reject me and my lack of both experience and a credential above a bachelors degree

More likely the data science world will reject him because he is so confident a field he has so little experience or knowledge of.

Data scientist is a profession rather than the name of an academic field. So data scientists' job is to solve practical problems. That involves a lot more than class assignments, and in some cases involves using machine learning to maximize predictive accuracy (because common ML models like gradient boosting capture interactions and non-linearities in a richer way than the GLM models the author is familiar with).

Their argument "that's a garbage model because we can't reasonably interpret underlying parameters," is replacing their personal criteria above what is needed to solve some problems.

They can blame it on only having bachelor's degree. But the real problem is the belief that a bachelor's degree taught them everything there is to know, and those in the DS field are ~ idiots who got lucky enough to be paid more.

I feel like the blog post should be read in line with how it was probably written: informal, personal and somewhat sarcastic, with a bitter note because he chose one major and now it turns out people value something else instead. Hence the title "the final stage of grief". I did not get the impression that the author thinks machine learning is stupid or that he knows everything about it.

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