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PHP 8 JIT performance in real-life web apps (stitcher.io)
7 points by brendt_gd 10 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Some background information about the JIT in PHP: it was clear from the start that it wouldn't affect classic web applications all that much, since there's not a lot of "hot code" to be found over there, especially since by default PHP doesn't use any long running processes to handle requests.

There are some benchmarks out there that claim the JIT has an immense impact on PHP performance, but these only measure specific code samples in isolation. The JIT _can_ open doors for PHP to venture into new areas of programming, but we shouldn't expect it to significantly impact our day-to-day web programming.

It will have so much impact in our asynchronous development. Those using Reactphp and Amphp will enjoy the JIT favour.

The only benchmark I know of testing async PHP was flawed big time and was debunked a few days later.

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