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This isn't bad. I'm surprised it's expensive now.


Thx for plug. Indeed it would be a good book for any highschooler interested in more advanced topics.

> I'm surprised it's expensive now.

Yeah amazon pricing is weird. My intent is for the book to be sold ~$30, but if I tell this price to amazon they start selling it for $20 after discounting, and then readers buy it less because they think it is not a complete book, but just some sort of summary notes. Nowadays I set the price to $40 so that after amazon discount the price will end up around $30, but today it is expensive indeed... I might have to bump it down to $35 at some point.

I could have sworn that it was between $15 and $20 when I got it a few years ago.

It's very possible if you purchased it when I had set the price to ~$30 and amazon was discounting it to ~$20.

BTW, I've released several "point" updates and the book is now at v5.3. Please reach out by email if you're interested in having the PDF (I have a free-PDF-with-proof-of-purchase-of-print-version policy, including all updates).

I forgot to mention, there is an extended PDF preview of the book you can see here: https://minireference.com/static/excerpts/noBSguide_v5_previ...

Also some parts of the best parts of the book are available in full as standalone free tutorials: SymPy = https://minireference.com/static/tutorials/sympy_tutorial.pd... ; mechanics tutorial = https://minireference.com/static/tutorials/mech_in_7_pages.p... ; concept maps = https://minireference.com/static/tutorials/conceptmap.pdf

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