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Best-ever quantum measurement breaks Heisenberg limit (newscientist.com)
51 points by RiderOfGiraffes 2227 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite

Don't be confused: this article is not referring to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which limits simultaneous measurements of position and momentum (or other paired quantities). This is about the less famous Heisenberg limit, which describes the measurement of a single parameter in a system of multiple particles.

Searching for 'Heisenberg limit' also shows that it isn't a very common term: most of the top hits are (indirect) references to this and similar papers.

Is it just me who sees a science title and think "wow", then look at the link to newscientist.com and think "ahh, must be bullshit".

For a minute I thought they were referring to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, in which case this would have been really shocking news (or, more likely, false reporting). This 'Heisenberg limit' seems to be more of a technical issue in quantum measurements (the abstract of the original paper also mentions that previous theoretical work had already hinted at this possibility). Can anybody familiar enough with the subject tell us how impressive this is?

i take newscientist with a few grains of salt. I have come across misleading information here. They are not a peer reviewed journal.

The peer review process is broken. This is sad from the perspective that it is not easy to trust anything anymore. But at the same time fortunate because everyone in science has to prepare herself for judging independently the articles that are served by the journals

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