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[flagged] Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by the FBI (thedailybeast.com)
126 points by longdefeat 37 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 78 comments

If anyone believes in the narrative of Jeffery Epstein being a rich pedophile who committed suicide in prison, I'd suggest listening to Eric Weinstein's amazing podcast that includes his own experience meeting Epstein when he worked in New York.

He makes a pretty strong case that Jeffrey Epstein (and Ghislaine Maxwell) were very likely agents of some government (likely Israel) used to gain information and blackmail rich people and those in power.


edit: blackball -> blackmail

Blackball? Do you mean blackmail?

Yes - updated


Why don't you actually listen to the podcast before making a judgement.

Honeypot operations are not unprecedented. Israel's most famous spy was involved in honeypots and orgies successfully targeting the Syrian military and government. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eli_Cohen

On top of that there so many red flags:

- Where are the trading records or sec filings for Epstein who along with Madoff was one of the star hedge fund managers?

- How did he make his money considering he had only a single major client and previously was a private school teacher?

- How did someone who was supposedly worth 600 million live a lifestyle of a multi-billionaire with the largest private residence in Manhattan, a private island, and multiple private planes?

On top of that why were there so many strange circumstances around his prosecution and death? Nothing was standard about any part of it. Acosta himself was told to "back off" because "Epstein was above his pay grade".

Epstein was uniquely involved in parties gathering everyone across politics, finance, science, and industry, as has been repeatedly asserted, and his house was bugged heavily as has pretty well documeted.

Not to mention Ghislaine Maxwell's own father was a Mossad agent.

But I guess you have all the answers and we are all wearing tinfoil hats.

It's enough evidence to make anyone laugh at how blatant the operation was and how it went undetected for so long. Like an APT malware campaign...

There is a difference between theories and evidence.

There is no evidence that he was an agent for any agency.

There's no shortage of theories though.

Ghislaine Maxwell's father was almost surely a Mossad spy: https://www.amazon.com/Robert-Maxwell-Israels-Superspy-Gordo...

There's all kinds of things the intelligence agencies are doing that you and I have no clue about, and have no evidence of.

Obviously. That doesn't mean you can just make up any theory you want and expect the rest of us to accept it as fact.

It's still just a random made-up theory until there's direct evidence.

That's how logical thinking works.

I don't think it's tinfoil hat anymore. Governments are so corrupt.


Exactly, there is vast amounts of evidence if one searches for it.

There are vast amounts of theories and circumstantial "coincidences".

Zero direct evidence unfortunately.

Eric is a reputable person, and he must know how to cite, I assume. I am sure Epstein has been a monster, but Eric lately is talking about physics and politics the way that I cannot even comprehend what is he talking about other than him being opressed somehow!?

Without the turture of listening the whole thing, does anyone know of any good resources of where he is learning about the Epstein's life? What he actually was doing with all these powerful people?

If you listen to it and get your knowledge first hand, you will hear a detailed explanation of exactly what he was doing with all these powerful people.

He's being "playful" trying to get people to figure out what he's getting at instead of outlining everything for us for what he understands something.

I see some people don't like the idea of being challenged..

Whitney Webb has been doing amazing work digging into this matter. Her earlier work was on Mint Press and now she’s continuing her work here: https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/category/whitney-web....

The Netflix documentary on Epstein definitely painted her and others in a bad light. Not that she didn't already look guilty.

As someone else mentioned, I'm surprised she was in the US.

To be clear, "bad light" here means testimony from multiple victims that she frequently participated in the seduction and rape of underage girls.

I'd add recruitment, under false pretenses, to that list.

iirc, she settled at some point with an accuser too...

anyways, i am impressed by how much conspiracy the whole story has garnered so far. even hn does not seem immune to this one.

this is just weird!

HN has been oddly eager about conspiracy theories over the last year. That Navy UFO story (and various other articles from The Drive) got more play than I would have expected. More recently, the TikTok "reveal" from a reddit comment.

Does HN post monthly user numbers anywhere? I wonder if there was a demographic change, or if I'm just imagining it. Of course, it could just be the world changing; the world (or perhaps just the US) does seem to be more engaged with conspiracy theories and inflammatory agenda sharing these days.

Urban legends and conspiracy stories have always been popular in hacker and Internet-centric culture. There is nothing new under the sun.

This is a geek forum, is it that surprising that when conspiracy with some credible people (UFO stuff), or coincidences so big that it everyone accepts it as reality (Epstein), than people would want to discuss it.

UFO stuff is just fun to talk about or entertain. Epstein is revolting look into what really happens with powerful people. He was just a tip of an iceberg, killed to keep the lid on. You'd be a fool to think he was the mastermind pedophile rapist holding half of elites by throat all by his own.

dang: "It's more like 150M visits a month. Edit: 147M in September. Edit 2: I'm talking about page views, plus ajax requests like collapsing subthreads." (2019)


It's beyond dispute that intelligence agencies are real, therefore it seems beyond dispute that sometimes somethings really are 'conspiracies.'

(I really hate that term. It used to have meaning, before the assassinations of JFK and Oswald.)

It's not unreasonable to believe in conspiracy theories based around 3-letter agencies. The kind of conspiracy theories that one shouldn't give time of day to are the ones that involve an unprecedented level of cooperation between multiple groups of people not known to have the discipline to keep things secret.

If your conspiracy theory involves "most scientists" or "a large number of non-aligned nation states" then it's probably crazy talk. If however it just involves security agencies and small groups of powerful people then it's might be worth considering.

Also in some case where there is high chance of actual conspiracy like JFK or Epstein case it gets hijacked by crazies making the theories wild.

hijacked by a mix of crazies - and 3-letter agencies - making the theories wild, and hence 'nothing to see here, move on'

>The Netflix documentary on Epstein definitely painted her and others in a bad light.

I've wondered about this point. If you've watched the documentary then does that make you ineligible to be on the jury because you'd be considered biased?

My understanding (IANAL) is that being aware of a high profile case from media reports or documentaries or such things is not by itself disqualifying. It comes down to whether the juror can maintain an open mind and base their vote fairly on the evidence in the trial. If this was not the case then it would be difficult for any high profile national figure to secure a jury trial in any jurisdiction.

yeah, full stop. I wouldn't lie when questioned about that either.

Very bad to lie about this because the court can easily subpoena Netflix records to see that you did.

There have been numerous articles of late that quote her as being in France because of the favorable extradition laws for their citizens, so yes it does strike me as extremely odd.

Somehow I recall her appearing in court documents as very guilty[1]. Its still unclear to me why it took too long for her arrest to happen.

1. https://www.scribd.com/document/421319777/Maxwell-All-Search...

For anyone wondering why this is significant, from Wikipedia: Maxwell has faced persistent allegations of procuring and sexually trafficking underage girls for Epstein and others, charges she has denied.

Edit: or you could read the fine article.

This is a pretty good summary of the scope of the allegations: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/dec/12/she-was-so-d...

A useful concept to keep in mind as this develops: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limited_hangout

There is speculation this is being "allowed" to happen because US Attorney Berman of SDNY was fired


Not sure why this is being downvoted, it completes my Epstein bingo card:

1. Epstein commited horrendous crimes with Maxwell.

2. Maxwell protected by Berman.


4. Berman fired by Barr.

5. Barr's dad hired Epstein at Dalton.

I recently found out that Barr Sr wrote a ‘SiFi’ book with the theme of sex slavery among space aliens. The book apparently starts with sexual assault on a minor. That this same man ran a private school simply does not compute for this middle class person unless Kubrick’s last work was not fiction:


I cannot believe I haven't heard of this. You're going to send me down a manic rabbit hole...

I've heard that said about Eyes Wide Shut before! These people truly live in a different world.

Something many of us have been speculating for some time now.

Somewhat surprised she chose to be in the US. She has the means to be somewhere less likely to extradite.

Guessing she was already aware she was under investigation and knew if she tried to leave the country she would likely be stopped at the border/port of entry.

Maybe she was following CDC guidelines and staying home?

Not quite, she was rumored to be in Paris two weeks ago https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11913207/jeffrey-epstein-ghisl...

She hasn't exactly been in hiding. I'd imagine she felt somewhat untouchable.

Which means she has a lot of dirt on people. Which means this will not end well for her.

How long until she commits “suicide”?

She will be diagnosed with COVID-19, go on a ventilator, and die of complications therefrom. Just a statistic of the pandemic...

That actually has a lot of plausible deniability. Jails and prisons are having issues with COVID-19 everywhere. High density combined with poor management.

Then her death will also help promote Bill Gate's COVID-19 vaccine. Two birds, one stone.

I think I remember HN laugh at this suggestion a year ago or so when Epstein was taken into custody.

Around a month later the other prisoner is moved out, two guards fell asleep and he manages to hang himself according to the official documents.

Unfortunately this is not unreasonable or "conspiracy theory". She was involved with many high profile people, some of which chances are were customers. Obviously these people have incredible influence and her being silenced would a good outcome.

A freak accident would work better. They gotta mix it up.

Prince Andrew must be sweating now. Or maybe not?

Off topic, but her father was an interesting character to say the least.

Holy cow, you're not joking. The man the article refers to as a "disgraced media tycoon" was, according to Wikipedia, a Mossad agent, British MP, and died mysteriously after falling off his yacht after tens of millions of dollars went missing!

He was near enough given a state funeral by Israel.

"Maxwell was accorded a lavish funeral in Israel, attended by Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, Israeli President Chaim Herzog, "no less than six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence" and many dignitaries and politicians (both government and opposition), and was buried on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem."


You have to admire the delicacy of that "disgraced media tycoon" label.

Her brothers aren't much better.

Her Dad was a crook as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Maxwell

Biggest news of 2020 so far, if true. Everyone should remember how her picture in NY magazine was faked last year with an encrypted message hidden inside!

Could you link to more details about that "fake" picture with an "encrypted message hidden inside"?

I don't have access to my old backups, but here is something to archive while you can:


I'm interested in this sort of thing, so I looked around for it. This is all I could find: https://usahitman.com/gmaxwell-stegophoto/ and this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3lq0uGRrLo

The fact that none of the usual group of experts haven't been all over this despite all the "evidence" being right there in the open, and neither of the links I found are authoritative in their authorship and presentation, I'll leave any judgement of veracity up to you.


That's a perennial favorite (whether genuine or as a cover for something more sinister), so it's hard to call it “used up”.

I somehow have the feeling that she will talk before this happens.

It's pronounced "JI-S-LAINE". News announcers can't seem to get it right.

To clarify, it's pronounced GI-slaine as in GIF.

I see what you did there.

Is this 'S' in this pronounced like the letter "S", e.g. "ess"? It's not clear to me from this explanation how her name is pronounced.

The S in Ghislaine (in French) is silent (ghee-laine), even though people these days use a pronunciation that is closer to the spelling (jiss-laine).

I'm in France and I only ever heard it pronounced "jisslaine". Although we had a friend called that and we used to nickname her "jilou".

It's common for people not to know the "proper" pronunciation of the name. For a well-known example, you might have heard of the infamous case of Ghislaine Marchal.


That's the correct French pronunciation, but it's not how she pronounces it. She uses a silent S.

That's really not how that name is traditionally pronounced (even though people do say it that way these days).

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