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I don't get it. Erlang is a language, Node is not. By necessity then, isn't your Node code as spaghetti or as structured as you write it? The great (and bad) thing about JavaScript is that you can write in any style, object-oriented, functional, "imperative"/spaghetti or Python-style/intendation-driven with CoffeeScript. You can mess it up easily, you can stay disciplined.

I think Node is coming from / targeting a situation where a web developer may write a lot of client script with jQuery. That's callbacks all over the place for your flow of code. But if it gets too much you need to get organized and rearrange things. So it brings the same paradigm to the server that on the client side is a necessity devs have to deal with. Event-driven callbacks, timers, web workers -- you already have that mess in your code base and will have found / to find a way to stay organized there, so whatever you do towards that end on the client side, you can do on the server side too.

"Of course with massive amounts of discipline you can function anyhow."

In any meaningful project, you will need to have that discipline, anyhow.

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