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I can certainly see your point, and I am aware that I am playing a little fast and loose with some of the terminology around blocking vs non-blocking. To be precise, in node's case, it presents a consistent, callback based API to non-blocking IO. Given that that API is reflected exclusively in JavaScript the language, this has impacts the style and appearance of Node programs. The resultant style is imprecisely referred to as asynchronous, non-blocking, etc.

Using Erlang vs Node on my current project was a serious consideration. It is well thought out and its message passing and lightweight process based design is more evolved than anything node has or likely will have. It's also Erlang and I have found productively programming in it to be incomprehensible. Maybe its a personal problem, but it is what it is. Ditto for Haskell. I was surprised to find that my brain didn't bend that way.

There's always Scala/Java with Akka as a way to get both the actor model and a "more c-style" language. (http://akka.io/)

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