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Climate alarm-ism has honestly set back the whole movement in my opinion. For decades, we've only been 10 years away from extinction and it gave conservatives all the ammo needed to write climate change off as fake. Heck, even The Simpsons mocked this:


That's not The Simpsons. That's some sort of surrogate that was snuck into the same time slot many years ago. Some viewers didn't notice. B'oh.

Except that’s entirely the denialist straw man. It’s not we’re going to face a cosmic ray style annihilation in 10 years, but rather that we’re cavalierly approaching tipping points that will likely have repercussions for 10,000 years.

But it's a fact the situation, while serious, was massively overblown and became politicised. We may all be killed by climate change one day, and we need to act now, but we aren't going to die in ten years if nothing changes.

Making the situation out to be the end of the world, short term, is how you lose the support of the general public.

Well, some environmentalists overstating their case ("alarmism") have made that not exactly a strawman.

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