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Open source projects generally want an exact feature-for-feature copy of GitHub that looks and works exactly like GitHub, except open source.

If Phabricator was this, there would be no reason for paying customers to ever choose it over GitHub, because paying customers generally do not care if a solution is open source or not.

But the bigger impact of this change was not a product impact at all: it was that interacting with paying customers is something I generally enjoy and feel good about, and interacting with open source users is something I generally hated and felt miserable about.

For whatever reason, Phabricator attracted a large number of users who wanted to argue with me about every technical decision, insist that whatever feature they wanted should be the highest upstream priority, suggest I should pay them for their "valuable suggestions" because they are an important CEO, take offense when I asked them to please please please read the documentation and provide reproduction instructions, bump every open task asking for status updates, etc. This stuff had a huge net cost to the project and only got worse over time as the project grew.

Writing off open source installs allowed me to stop dealing with all of this.

Okay, fair enough. I'm not a paying customer so I have nothing further to say.

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