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Show HN: Make money playing online poker with AI (pokerhelper.app)
7 points by chris140957 6 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

Hi, I've just launched the beta version of PokerHelper.app - its a deep-learning backed poker assistant for Texas holdem that provides recommendations for the best possible next move, given your current cards and hand situation.

Unlike other poker assistant apps that use maths to calculate hand strength, Poker Helper's use of deep learning is capable of bluffing, and is aware that other AIs may also bluff, too.

Poker Helper is currently completely free while in Beta, as the AI is not yet 100% production ready. It is currently capable of beating average human players and many other AIs, and I've managed to make some money playing poker online with this app already, but it will be refined further before the paid version is launched.

Thanks for looking, Chris

Is it normal that evaluating multiple times the same cards with same settings, sometimes it tells to fold, sometimes to call and sometime to raise?

There’s always an element of randomness to the play due to the way ML works. But this sort of issue does need further work before it’s considered fully production ready

Sorry Chis, I think this needs work.

Ah4h on 5hKh7c with 100 in the middle facing a 50 bet = fold?

Seems odd.. but maybe you are evaluating things without stack depth, etc...?

Yep it’s still a fair way off, but it’s being upgraded all the time. Won’t start charging until this sort of issue goes away

Is the aim of this to help people cheat when playing online poker for real money on sites like 888 poker etc?

If so I think that's a pretty awful service.

Short of finding a way to see your opponents cards, I wouldn't really say it was possible to cheat at poker. This service is just one step beyond the many odds calculator apps that are available already - would you consider those cheating, too?

I've never been in a casino playing cash poker games that would allow someone to sit with an app on their phone calculating odds. Most wouldn't allow you to be using your phone at all if you are in the hand, some wouldn't allow phones at the table at all. And even if they did allow it, you would look like a moron.

So yes, I consider it cheating.

If you couldn't get away with it in a real game at a table, it's cheating IMO.

Part of the skill of poker is being able to work out those odds in real time, when money is on the line.

Gambling isn't a noble skill game. It's about winning and it involves cheating if you have the chance and if the way online systems are setup allow for this, it's their problem. They are probably doing rigged deals and/or using AIs as well, so even with this I doubt you can win in the long run when the algorithm specifically draws cards against that happening. If you sit at a real table with real people, obviously it would be stupid using this, but it isn't the case here. You'd be a moron not to use any help you can, you're basically giving them your money for some graphics and sounds.

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