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How to Deploy Blazor WebAssembly on GitHub Pages Using GitHub Actions (davideguida.com)
24 points by davideguida 15 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

This took 3.30 s to fully load without cache, which is awful. For the alternative I looked on React's website to find a static site of similar complexity. https://react-image-compressor.netlify.app/ loaded in 585 ms. I feel like Blazor's webassembly advantages are more of a hinderance for any app that is bottlenecked by I/O speed rather than CPU/RAM.

With the size of a Blazor application you could upload Windows 95 instead.

Did they get the runtime size down?

The example app is about 4.5MB, so still quite bulky but cacheable and reasonable for office applications.

Where you have more controlled audiences in a office environment, I find Blazor Server is candidate.

There's not much of upfront transfer. There's some consideration if the latency is excessive high, but there's also benefit of being able to use full netcoreapp (instead of netstandard) lib, and parallelism.

Some quick measurements:

- By .gz: 2.18 MB

- By .br: 1.77 MB

- Uncompressed: 5.72 MB

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