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> We know that TCC is a major burden for legitimate Mac apps.

It's a burden for me as a user!

My home theater setup is basically just a Mac connected to a projector. Every button on my Harmony remote runs an Applescript. Many of them start with lines like:

    tell application (path to frontmost application) to
Every single time a new application is in front when I run a new script, Mojave and newer pop up a dialog asking if I want to allow my own script to control the front app, which means I need to get up off my chair and grab a mouse to click the button. When I edit a script, it usually resets all of the approvals.

I make very heavy use of Applescript for all sorts of things on my computer. It's one of the things that has kept me on Mac over the years, because there is no broadly-supported equivalent on Windows.

I get the sense that no one at Apple uses Applescript much, though, because if they did, they wouldn't have added an impossible-to-disable feature which renders it effectively useless.

On the theory that I may as well check, just in case something helps —

Does the Harmony process request Apple automation permissions, and is the Harmony process enabled for it if so? (Whatever the parent process of the scripts you're launching is, i.e. Harmony.app in the chain Remote button -> Harmony.app -> Your Apple.scpt)

Does exiting the Harmony process and all scripts, purging all of your events decisions with `tccutil reset AppleEvents`, and then restarting the Harmony process and running a script result in any improvements?

No guarantee this will work and I don’t have a machine to test in front of me but does that still occur if you add your script to either (in order of likelihood) the Automation, Developer Tools or Accessibility groups in the Security & Privacy -> Privacy preferences?

Automation and Accessibility, no. Automation is indeed the relevant panel, but the white-list is per-app being controlled. There's no way I can tell macOS to let my script control any app in the automation panel, nor can I even approve apps ahead of time.

Is Developer Tools new in Catalina, or do I need to install XCode or some such in order for it to appear? Never saw it in Mojave.

Fwiw, at one point I had a 250 rep bounty on this StackExchange question, and got nothing. :(


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