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Your argument is much better presented here, and it makes a lot of sense. While I'm not sure whether I agree or not, it does help me understand the viewpoint you're coming from. Thank you for taking the time to reply! I would now paraphrase my current understanding as (correct me if I'm wrong):

'The endless bugs in TCC demonstrate that its burden is not worth the costs to developers.'

What was written in the post did not lead me to understand this, even including the quantity/repetition modifier "over and over again". I think the missing piece for me is the cost to developers bit — without that, it reads as "the bugs prove that this isn't worth the privacy improvement", with that it reads as "the bugs prove that the cost to developers isn't worth the privacy improvement".

It was honestly more of an expression of frustration in the article than an argument. I'm pessimistic that I can do anything to stop the iOS-ification of the Mac.

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