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Could AT2 be the answer to cryptocurrency's energy and performance problems? (computing.co.uk)
14 points by frabrunelle on June 30, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

I’ve always been a bit disgusted by the blind faith put into Bitcoin, the tribalism that comes with the newest Blockchain project, and now the obsession over consensus when it’s really not the end all be all. The sustainability and energy concerns are too much for me. Regardless of if the energy needs of Bitcoin possibly promote the growth of renewable energy, it is still wasted resources and energy when there are more efficient solutions.

On top of the promise the cult of bitcoin see, most in the crypto sphere are just looking to get rich quick and get defensive because they are so invested in bitcoin or abc crapcoin instead of what made all of this interesting in the first place, decentralization, no central point of control or failure, trust-less, P2P, privacy and security.

I am extremely excited to see a principled company such as Maidsafe take the lead and blazing the trail to freedom by adopting such an innovation. Best of luck and I hope others see the potential past their bitcoin/blockchain goggles.

Deliberately wasting energy to achieve an orthogonal goal always struck me as a very 'unengineering' solution to a problem. Almost every other project is optimized for efficiency but bitcoin is the opposite. Sure, it was a clever solution to bombproof security at the time but I always felt this was its Achilles heel.

Guerraoui said his team is working on "refinements and extensions" to support such functionality in the future.

When do they expect this work to be done?

I’d be interested to know this as well. In the case of the SAFEnetwork, I believe smart contracts wouldn’t need to be part of at2 as they have BLS-DKG integrated into the system which can enable smart contracts that could interact with a wallet no problem. I’m certainly looking forward to how at2 works on a live network. AFAIK Maidsafe are the only ones to adopt this solution, so far. Could really disrupt the disruptors.

Pretty exciting to see that MaidSafe has integrated AT2 into the SAFE Network!

Excellent write up!

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