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Great article, but it does not mention management attitude. If upper management does not have the right attitude towards Scrum, Scrum will fail. If upper management does not guard the role of the Scrum masters, select capable Scrum master and allow them to function correctly, Scrum will crumble into another tool for micro-management which frustrates developers and destroys productivity.

BINGO. The "problem with scrum" isn't usually scrum itself, but the management and culture of the company. And bad management and toxic culture will, in my experience, lead to the same results no matter what process / methodology you nominally employ.

To me, most criticisms of scrum reduce to a (legitimate) claim that "scrum isn't a magic bullet that will fix the fucked up management and toxic culture at this shitty company."

In fact, scrum is something the messed-up management has tried to use as a magic bullet, rather than actually fixing themselves.

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