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>Since when is MacOS using encrypted linux filesystems?

I fail to see where in my comment was anything related to "MacOS using encrypted linux filesystems" which, as of itself as a sentence, is confusing.

My comment's parent was explaining that anything worth keeping was worth backing up, and how easy it was to set up back-up even for someone with the commenter's skill level, using services like Dropbox.

My comment was explaining that certain users who have encrypted filesystems on Linux cannot use Dropbox, for Dropbox stopped supporting them around November 2018, which makes Dropbox unusable for these users who have to come up with back-up schemes excluding Dropbox or Box.

You quote [..]My 2013 MacBook Pro Retina recently died[..] on which you answer something with Linux. The TikTok-Guy was using a Macbook too. So what relation have dead Macbooks with whatever state has dropbox under linux? Nobody here talked about linux except you. Your comment is just very random.

BTW Dropbox works fine under linux, just not in all setups.

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