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Mention sexism in tech and it'll get flagged off the front page almost immediately, because that's one of the issues where the third rail is too close to HN's own posters that substantial debate is impossible.

Also, civility is not the same as not having abhorrent ideas written up in nice language.

I've another explanation:

different groups of people flags those for different reasons.

- some flag them because they want to keep all politics out of HN

- some just don't like people arguing

- some flag them because of that guy who invariably will bring out JD as an example that sexism goes the other way too (or to say that it mostly goes the other way even)

- some flag them because from their point of view it looks like women have an easier life in IT in men. (This is not generally correct, but to someone who realizes that there are serious KPIs, bonuses and pats on the back to be had for recruiting women in certain companies it might easily look that way. The flip side being they are often treated like decoration instead of like engineers.)

There are some really big issues to tackle in this space but so many people are so busy accusing the other side while simultaneously shutting their ears that I too will soon start flagging them. I'll also admit to having been part of this problem (the shouting part of it before.)

- someone who was always well liked with everyone but is slowly admitting that the other side had some valid points as well.

Politics of almost any kind will be flagged quickly here, even if it's tech related.

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