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Show HN: Makerlapse – Document Your Journey in a Timelapse Video (github.com)
23 points by iliashad 3 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Nice :) This would be a great tool even for private use, for reviewing how often / how long you got distracted (useful for the "quantified self" crowd).

Feedback: the first demo video you linked is still marked private by youtube.

Back when I used to make timelapse videos of physical projects, the most handy interval I found was one frame every two seconds: when playing back, one second == one minute, one minute == one hour. Easy to keep track of actual time spent. (assuming the output is 30fps).

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I think will be good tool to get an overview of your day in couple of seconds

I used the same logic but with one frame per second and the output of 60 fps

This is cool.

Futureland (https://futureland.tv/) does something similar to this that I like.

Does this support multiple monitors? Super cool project although I wonder who the audience is for watching time lapse of web dev / programming.

Yes, it supports multiple monitors. I think the audience is juniors developers who want to know other developers how they spend their day.

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