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You know you've described the opposite of agile approach, right? "management", "file by file, function by function", "exchangeable and a commodity"... at least not what agile was ten years ago. Actually the points in favor of agile were:

* utilize persons strong points

* reduce management

* reduce burden

* improve working environment

I agree also with your point. The real agile as of the "Agile Manifesto" has the spirit of what is good dev in my previous message.

But was is used today as "agile", "agile in business", agile in real use, and especially Scrum is not what the Manifesto asked for, quite of the opposite in the end.

That is even why some of the creators of the agile manifesto backed off when they saw what it became.

In fact, at the moment a company or a people say "we will create an agile team here" (maybe with a specific process scrum/...), you know that it is failed. It should be like "we have experienced software engineers, we trust them to be autonomous and smart enough to do it how they individually want to be the most efficient/adequate. Also they have responsibility and their opinion is taken into account for business decisions"

I've seen it in work. It was very emotional when our Scrum Master left, we've got another one and he was great, but it has not felt same. This may be the biggest Scrum issue.

I've seen unreal Product Owner, it was so much pleasure to work with. Ever since I've found a joy in filling this niche if it was empty.

Yes, Agile Manifesto, Scrum is just some tools. It is like blaming axe [0] in Armenian cartoon.

[0] The Axe (1994), no speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA7H5KnyzJk

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