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Agile builds on the premise that developers like to build. That we self organize our teams and don't like slackers. Bring transparency for business so it can trust us. Give estimates and accept priorities. Ship from time to time so all can see that process works.

It is really easy to screw. I've seen far to many broken versions. Community building is harder than management. And for management there is no benefit beside budge. So they say SCRUM and change nothing but cosmetics. It sells.

> Bring transparency for business so it can trust us.

The problem is no methodology can make them trust us. Software development is one of the few professions where to the business it's simultaneously "magic" and they think we - as experts - don't know what we're doing. Management is supposed to empower employees and remove obstacles, not disempower and introduce them.

At the same time, there's this illusion that as long as we developers change the way we operate, the rest of the enterprise will magically be affected. A cultural shift without management buy-in won't work.

You'd think products shipped on time as agreed with the customer was a benefit for management.

I thought same. I fought for roll out in time, velocity and quality. Now I'm burned out. PM had his own agenda - introduced a men who, he was like 1/10x developer on senior position, promised to fire in a few month, have not happened in a year and a half, this destroyed velocity and as tech lead I was blamed. I stayed so long because our customers were awesome, could not leave them.

Managers are not friends. The moment I've said I'm leaving I become nothing. Time to learn.

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