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1) They were disputing scrums, not necessarily communication. 2) It's hard to not think of something as failure, if it's treated as failure, which is often the case. This is like telling someone who's being mistreated in a relationship to not think of it as abuse, just think of it as your way of life. 3) Time boxing may be important if a number of different types of schedule conflicts may arise, but I think it can place an undue importance on the measurability of how something gets done, often at the cost of it actually getting done well.

1) Scrums are literally communicating. 2) Just because someone feels there is a failure does not mean other people perceive it that way. If you describe it as a step towards the finish, then it is. 3) Time-boxing is inevitable. If there is a side-step due to some other issue, then you describe why the time boxes must be moved.

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