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Interestingly, on my home ZFS raidz with 3 4TB hard drives, I have had to replace a drive a couple of times because ZFS scrub was reporting silent corruption. They were consumer-grade SATA drives.

However, at work, I have backed up ~200TB of data to a large server with RAID-6 and ext4, storing the backups as large .tar files with par2 checksums and recovery data, and regularly scrubbing the par2 data. I have yet to see any corruption whatsoever. These are enterprise-grade hard drives. This is the strongest evidence I have yet seen that the enterprise-grade drives are actually better than the consumer-grade ones, rather than just being re-badged.

Enterprise drives have different firmware, especially from an ECC and integrity perspective. From a price/perf standpoint tho, shucking consumer grade drives with ECC win.

Thanks. What are the drives at your workplace?

I actually have no idea. I didn't have any part in purchasing that particular system, I don't have root, and all the drives are hidden behind a RAID controller. Sorry.

How do you know they are enterprise drives then?

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