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All the control and all the autonomy I would say. There is nothing I would be responsible for where I can make own decision and have them right or wrong.

In the teams where I liked to work, I felt control over order in which I do tasks and general shape of something I was responsible for. So I could make my own decisions, decisions that would be really mine.

So when there was mess or something was late, it was my fault. I was not due to other people forcing me do things their way and I did not had to fight about every single detail, just because college happen to be anxious or control freak.

So what process are you advocating for over scrum, that would restore this control and autonomy to you?

Compared to scrum, pretty much any other, quite honestly. The majority of teams I was in did not used named process and for the most part I was alright. Usually there were bigger tasks assigned to people or smaller areas of responsibilities.

For the record, I did not liked when leader had micromanagement/dictatorship tendencies either.

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