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You'll have to define middle management, if you're including product management, then your statement would be pretty contradictory.

Can't know what you ought to build if to don't know what your customer wants.

Everyone knows what the customers want, it's quite trivial.

Most problems people try to solve using technology/engineering, are actually an attempt to bypass dealing with the real issues, which are almost always political.

One trivial example of this is children starving to death or dying of diseases we have medicine for. I'm sure there'll be another 'app' created for yet another charity or foundation.

Another trivial example of this is all the middle management and technical bullshit mobile development sweatshops go through, hiring separate developers for iOS and Android, getting them to coordinate and sync their work, working out the peculiarities of the two platforms, etc, etc.

All of these problems are solved at the political level of mandating that all mobile platforms have to support a shared set of protocols, libraries and frameworks.

All this 'fin tech' investment bullshit - it's a political problem, not a technical problem.

It's an endless list of insanity - 99% of IT work is useless trash, as are almost all other forms of work done in office buildings. It'd take a trivial amount of investment (less than a trillion) to automate away most office jobs worldwide but we don't do it, because we're stuck with a political decision to continue wage slavery. Again, political problem, not technical.

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