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Very few people care to read the official Scrum documentation. It is not a long read. Some posts on HN have more words than the Scrum Book.

As a result of not reading the documentation, not many understand what Scrum is and what they're criticizing. I have been in that situation myself at some point. One day, I found myself so frustrated that I read the Scrum book over and over again until I could complete the certification assessment with passing score, just to understand if Scrum was to blame for the problems I perceived.

What I learned in the process was that scrum does not recognize the role of a project manager and it does not make distinctions between development team members. The development team is defined as self-organizing and empowered to make decisions to a very reasonable extent.

The problems described here often start when some the self-organization and autonomy of the development team is taken away. This can take many forms, like adding roles like project managers or by redefining existing roles, such as making the scrum master role absorb responsibilities from the development team.

Those adjustments are suboptimal and almost inevitably result in an imbalance of power between product and engineering, and that's a really bad idea that will often result in engineering disasters.

Some companies create engineering holidays such as hackathons, where engineers can take the time to work on neglected aspects of projects. But then, in many companies, product people have started to intervene those events as well, perpetuating engineering frustration.

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