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Also, even if they support it, it does not look like Apple has released an app or SDK for Android.

So there would be no apple account registered on the phone.

So each app wanting to implement apple login would have to :

- pretty much implement it from scratch

- still have a very subpar experience compared to any other login mechanism (even way worse than email + password) since they would have to ask users to find their obfuscated apple email address.

Sign in with Apple asks for your normal iCloud email address. It's Apple's servers that look up your app-specific obfuscated relay email address if you've used one for the app.

duh ! I blame my sleepiness for missing that.

Still pretty meh that it is the only solution of its kind without an sdk

They don’t need an SDK if they’re using protocol-compliant OpenID Connect.

Any OpenID Connect (or OAUTH2) library of the devs choice is the SDK.

The Facebook/google SDKs are simply there to add trackers and bloat.

A good sdk means that it is both quick to implement and that it can integrate with the OS account feature (meaning users only have to authentify once for their apple account)

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