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Why don't they put it into Agile books? They're called books for a reason.

Snark aside, that's the difficulty. The fix for everything in Agile is - instead of adopting some sensible practice (that could actually have been discussed in academic literature), have an argument about this with your team members, maybe they will get it.

It's a return to medieval times, where all the expertise was just the experience of the master.

> Why don't they put it into Agile books? They're called books for a reason.

Agile books are hilarious because they are trying to not be prescriptive about process, while being prescriptive about process. Within that dichotomy, is the assertion that you can create your own process. So, in fact, it is usually in those books that you can make your lists for your team.

In the end, Agile/Scrum are a bunch of hand-waving rituals, which is close to what ends up happening within every software development team everywhere anyway.

I think the value of Agile is that everybody is different, and every problem posses unique challenges. You don't want to just follow some process in a book and expect it to work with your unique group of developers and designers, or for the unique problem you are trying to solve.

You could start with something suggested in a book. But you need to be ready to adjust your process when you identify when something is not working.

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