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My setup (laptop w8.1pro): external 4TB disk, assigned to letter L (for Library). I got Acronis running once per month, dumping a 70-80GB .tib file on L. L also has a backup folder with everything I got (setup files, books, photos, every audiobook/video I need such as trainings, etc). The whole backup is ~2TB.

Now get Carbonite (not affiliated, I just like the infinite space backup), and get it to backup your key laptop folders (Docs, Images, Desktop, etc) and your L-drive. I don't remember how much it costs ($6-10?/mo), but I have stopped worrying since then. I got a monthly tib file for my system and an "instant" backup for everything else. So even if my laptop is stolen I can set up a new laptop (the .tib may be useless but I can open it and see what s/w I had and I can take the config files/folders to move to my new system).

I don't remember how much the disk was but it didn't hurt my wallet, and the ~$100 (?) per year on Carbonite (had CrashPlan) definitely doesn't hurt my wallet.

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