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Ja I've seen teams without them (10x, brilliant loner, call them what you want). The times the teams are without that sort of talent(just talking pure problem solving ability here)... was the times the teams, product and company was also just that. mediocre/not-inspiring/meh. And they weren't solving a hard problems !

If we were to take this to the extreme. Where do you slot in someone like Jeff Dean ? Are you going to sit there and make someone like Jeff Dean, play poker-scrum about how long the next "big research jump/product" will take ? Granted not everyone will have a Jeff Dean. But I would never wan't to work in place that is as boring as a place without someone like him.

Yea in my experience, scrum sucks for innovation !

they weren't solving a hard problems

That's absolutely true. I work on web apps for startups - most of the problems are quite simple. Jeff Dean would be bored out of his mind by the problems I solve.

What's with all the ellipses? Really makes it hard to understand what you're saying.

Almost all of them should be replaced with simple commas or full stops.

agreed... and fixed

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