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I want that protocolization too, although I don't hold out much hope that the monopolies in place can be broken, outside of fairly radical regulation.

To add to your list, there is also Secure Scuttlebutt [1] which has had a decent userbase over the past few years, and Planetary [2] which is a funded iOS client for it.

I think in general they all suffer from the chicken-egg problem and will need some reason for enough people to switch to be able to build a userbase. There isn't really any "novel hook" like tiktok, twitter, whatsapp, instagram, snapchat, etc have had in the past.

[1] https://scuttlebutt.nz/

[2] https://planetary.social/

Man, I love the idea of Scuttlebutt but I hate the developer UX. I'm writing some apps that I wanted to put on SSB but have all but given up on the idea. Something about SSB, as a dev, leaves me with a lot of questions and no idea where to even get answers from.

So I'll write my app outside of SSB, hopefully in a way that's mostly compatible, and possibly with future integration.

I may also toy with an SSB-like protocol myself, as the fundamentals of SSB is a work of art imo. I really enjoy what Gossip brings to the table, and how SSB focuses on human->human relationship to bring P2P to the table.

Ah, I forgot about SSB. Very unique project and interesting people working on it.

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