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Your credit card may expire or get blocked, and you might be in hospital, or billing alert emails may simply go to your spam folder for 45 days. Your data will be irreversibly deleted by Backblaze.

There are LOTS of failure cases with any cloud provider, especially one with a crazy policy of deleting data in just 45 days.

There is at least 1 reddit post a month about how someone lost data with Backblaze. Their reddit support rep is never able to do anything about it, other than "sorry, we will take on board your feedback".

For comparison, if your Google Drive subscription lapses, Google stops you from uploading but will not delete your data.

This. I was backing up an external drive on a very very slow connection. I plugged it in to the machine late in the month, but forgot to turn the power on at the wall. The upload didn’t start and I lost the full backup and had to Re-upload the whole drive.

A good lesson was learned but it hurt. The upload took weeks to complete.

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