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Citation? I don't think anything significant changed in that regard. Coroutines are still "stackless" in terms of the C stack, but "stackful" in terms of the language semantics. The virtual data stack is still clearly on the heap.

Lua 5.4 adds a new function, lua_setcstacklimit, but this merely exposes what was a compile-time constant, LUAI_MAXCCALLS, in earlier versions. Lua can't avoid making some use of the C stack as it supports intermingling of lua_call's from C code with in-language VM calls, which necessarily will use some amount of C stack. Lua has lua_callk for yield/resuming across C code invocations, but not everybody makes use of this and in any event it's only for coroutine semantics, not for recursion.

> Citation? I don't think anything significant changed in that regard.

The limits for recursion have undertaken a significant change. (Though it might not be that concerning, if you see my sibling answer).

> As already discussed, Lua 5.4 is using a "non stackless" implementation. That means that it uses the C stack for recursion in Lua functions. Because of that, the maximum depth of recursion is much lower in 5.4 than it was in 5.3. - Roberto Ierusalimschy [0]

[0] http://lua-users.org/lists/lua-l/2019-06/msg00083.html

In CorsixTH we're hitting C Stack Overflow issues on 5.4. I'm having particular trouble with our serializer for saving games which includes recursive calls to lua_gettable.

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