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I just gotta say I both love and hate the Neil Young archives. I hate them because the website is genuinely awful, and a chore to navigate around. However, I love that I have access to a load of stuff I haven't heard before.

At any rate, thanks for the hard work you put into it and I've used this site a lot.

Yeah we didn't design it. Just did the best we could to make it all work. The design is actually a bit of a legacy as the original version was actually an interactive blu-ray set[1]

I kind of ended up with a love hate thing as well, it breaks pretty much every responsive, UX, accessibility rule out there, but at the same time it was Neil's vision. It's at least somewhat intentional that you have to dig at it a bit.

All that being said my first meeting with Neil I told him "This won't work on mobile" and his exact words were "Fuck Mobile ..."

[1] https://www.amazon.com/Neil-Young-Archives-One-Blu-ray/dp/B0...

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