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The username dance is why I often use a random string as a username. I was delighted to discover that my first name was an available username at my bank, until my login kept getting locked due to too many failed login attempts. I had a 15-character random password, so no danger there, but repeatedly calling to have my account unlocked was a pain. I changed my username to a different 15-character random string, no problems since.

Tangent: I signed up for a US TD account recently (in person). They had me write down the username I wanted, so I used LastPass on my phone to generate another random username. They obligingly made me an account with username "ajdgsbrjcobsdhfwvfk" - and password "tdbank123". Yes, I was required to change it on first login, but no, there was no attempt to verify that I was the one doing the changing (birthdate, SIN, etc).

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