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Going through Apple's buy site, the previous owner maxed out every single configuration except for storage (2TB not 8TB) and then skimped on purchasing a Magic Trackpad, opting solely for a Magic Mouse 2. If they were going to spend all this, they should have gone all in!

Pretax cost as configured: $51,999 Cost fully maxed out: $53,948

BTW, this refurbished Mac Pro represents a savings of 15% off of $51,999.

We don’t know if the previous owner got the trackpad or not. For example, if there were a problem with the computer and it was swapped for a new one, Apple probably wouldn’t ask for the Magic Trackpad. Or even if it was returned, I imagine those two products have different pools of stock.

Or prefers a mouse for desktop (like me)

I do too for most stuff, but I decided to try out a Magic Trackpad for a while and now I actually keep both on my desk. Having full gestures available right next to (or in my case directly above) the mouse makes for a surprisingly pleasant experience in macOS.

or a trackball like me

Similarly, if the issue was with the SSD, maybe Apple decided to replace it with a 2TB before reselling it?

Would be interesting to find out the annual price of renting a same spec machine on AWS/GC/Azure would be.

Don't forget to factor in the cost to be sitting in the DC with the machine, so that you're not beholden to internet latency/outages/etc.

I hope whoever buys this pays $300 more for AppleCare+.

$300 to protect against downside risk on $44,000 for two years isn't bad.

If you don’t like trackpads... why would you get a trackpad.

I was wondering if there was a refurb mac mini for sale the other day and I saw these machines (I think the cheapest one they had was $12k)

A little voice in the back of my head wondered... are these really used machines?

I thought this because a lot of new products on amazon have a fixed MSRP, but the same product used can be lower, so folks sell "used" products at a discount that still have all the shrink wrap.

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