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Can you elaborate on "private email address"? I'd be offended if someone were careless with a more intimate identifier like my personal cell phone number, but I've always considered arms-length interactions with businesses and institutions I'm not fully on board with to be the whole point of email.

I have a private email address and a catch all address for a variety of websites.

{app_name}@example.com goes to the same place, but it is easy for me to see if they sell/lose my email. And if it gets lost I'm done with them I can just block that specific address.

The added benefit is no one can assume that {my_name}@example.com is my bank email address or my email login.

I used to have a standard {username}@gmail.com for a while, but now it is on 20+ breached site lists. Best case? Copious amounts of spam. Worst case? I may have been reusing a password prior to switching to a password manager.

Now, I can just block the email from receiving anything. Two, if I accidentally reuse a password the username is at least different.

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