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This industry isn't a monolith, you have Javascript still chugging along, things like Lua as well. Microsft has the CLR as well.

Of course some stuff is conflating the language and the VM (which gets you to things like asm.js) but I think people acknowledge the value of what the JVM provides even in projects you cite (Zig has a whole thing about cross-compilation, for example).

And honestly? targetting a VM is _way easier_ than targetting native code generation. Perf-wise it might suck to try and then engineer good performance out of it (though you can get shared improvements with things like the JVM), but "staggering complexity" feels like a misqualification for something that got us a lot further down the "write once run everywhere" path than C ended up doing.

I would say that writing a rudimentary VM is about as hard as generating LLVM IR. The difference is that the VM will have terrible performance and the LLVM IR will have pretty good performance.

But will it provide introspection, garbage collection, and low-level niceties the JVM provides?

Will I be able to interface with all the huge amount of available java libraries? I could interface with C/C++ but there's already a ffi story (as ugly as it is) with the jvm.

I think part of the appeal of rust and go and new languages is the ability to leave a mark, rewrite or port or rethink an existing library in the new language...

It's a kind of progress but it feels like a lot of waste sometimes. And I say that as an avid Ada developer.

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