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They don't obfuscate the email address you use with them.

I don't share my "real" email address with Facebook.

My Google account isn't my main account, it's a throwaway I use for things that require email to sign up.

This is a general problem for all OAuth IdPs.

> I don't share my "real" email address with Facebook.

Don't worry, they know it anyway.

My gf googled a Mexican restaurant neither of us had been too on her phone and when we got in my truck literally 5 minutes later android auto maps on my phone suggested it as a destination. If they can do this, they can get your other email addresses.

Wait, why? If both of you have your location info turned on then this seems like a trivial correlation to make, especially since both of these are Google's own services.

You don't find this creepy at all? She googles something on her phone. Gets near me, and my phone suggests driving to the location she googled? We aren't on the same account or anything. Google just assumed that I wanted to go where she wanted to go and shared her private searches with me. What if she had gotten in the car and planned parenthood had come up as suggestion?

Esp so since Android Auto is just your phone on your car's screen.

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