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This pattern of out migration is more common than it sounds: https://chiefexecutive.net/business-exodus-california-troubl...

The most apparent reason is lowering business expenses associated with either employee cost of living or state taxes.

There are many other supported reasons though:

* Access to more geographic markets. North Texas, is the major inland port of the US due it’s combined rail and air operations and geographic center between the coasts.

* Most people find the west coast phenomenon of bringing personal politics to work and then walking out on your employer when they don’t support your personal politics really entitled, exclusionary, and off putting.

* Increased diversity. According to estimates and census data major Texas cities are more diverse than west coast cities and that diversity is increasing as the cities are experiencing unprecedented growth. My city of Fort Worth has almost doubled in population since 1990 and will have more than a million residents within the decade.

* Political stability, wealth distribution, and home ownership are also major intertwined concerns.

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