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> Apple reserves the right to disable Sign in with Apple on a website or app for any reason at any time.

Holy cow, how is this acceptable to any app developer or software company? This is reason enough for me to never use Apple/Facebook/Google sign-on as a developer -- huh, or even as a user. Apple/Facebook/Google could lock out all your users and literally destroy your business in a split second for an arbitrary policy violation, without explaining why, with no way to contact a human being. Haven't we seen enough HN headlines where an independent developer or a small software company is begging for help because <LargeCorporation> canceled their account or locked them out of something with no recourse?

EDIT: I know that AnyList is dependent on Apple's app store. This is still no reason to give Apple (or Google or Facebook) even more power over you.

It's not like other popular login systems can't also arbitrarily terminate your account, but the really problematic thing here is “Sign in with Apple”'s email hiding, which removes the lifeline of emailing your customers when you lose your sign-in provider.

This seems like the only bummer rule of all. I really would like to use this service on my next project but this dictator rule cannot be tolerated.

You know the reason. It's on the front page of HN today even. Apple will support Sign in with Apple until it is co-opted by "white nationalists" or other scary characters, at which point they will disassociate with that website or app and prevent their services from working with them.

Which is their right of course, but at the end of the day it means we get changes like these in the fine print. Gatekeepers like Apple and Google gain more control over what is allowed on their platforms, and subsequently what is allowed for the majority of the population to see.

Why have you put that term in scare-quotes?

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