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Dependence on H-1B has fallen significantly, says Infosys CEO at virtual AGM (timesofindia.com)
18 points by Amezarak 80 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

1. They don't say how many contractors they employ (through staffing agencies) who are on H1B

2. Having 40% of your FTEs on H1B is still pretty staggering

How many of the 60% are birthright citizens? I imagine many are green card and citizenship winners who stayed on for the convenience.

What difference does that make? Are you suggesting we start dual-classing US citizens based on how they acquired their citizenships? Citizens are citizens. LPRs are LPRs.

It's especially interesting given the rumblings against birthright citizenship we've been hearing recently too.

What then is someone "rightfully" allowed to be here in your opinion?

Well, technically there’s a difference between born citizens as those are the only ones who can hold the highest office of the president.

Infosys is not the highest office of the president so it makes no difference here.

Using "birthright citizen", comes across a bit weird. You get your point across significantly better with just "citizen".

In the nature of charity, how would you distinguish between naturalized citizens, citizens by soil, and citizens who inherited the status from their parents?

I personally wouldn't distinguish between them at all if I could help it.

The usual term is "foreign born."

In this context I wouldn’t distinguish, “citizen” gets the point across really well.

If the situation really called for it, I think the best term would be something like first generation citizen.

cough blood and soil cough

Well it's a no-brainer, if it's remote all the Java developers can as well stay in India.

They have atleast 60% of their workforce in US via 3rd party contracting body shops.

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